varore2014-04-23 21:11:53
varore, 2014-04-23 21:11:53

Adobe has created a tool for parsing PSD Online, why?

Converts PSD layer by layer to css, rgb code, etc., cuts the layout respecting block layout, allows you to copy text, sizes of each block, distance between blocks and specify centering.
It turns out that the layout designer no longer needs Photoshop, you can cut it right in this service.

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Oleg, 2014-04-23

Is it the job of a layout designer to copy text, block sizes, distances, colors?
A lot of things their service does not know how compared to the plugin for PS, which produces cross-browser css3 identical to the layer.

Yuri Lobanov, 2014-04-23

I have a feeling that Adobe paid someone for such advertising. Already a question in a row about visual editors that do everything themselves.
It's like thinking out loud. I have already answered seriously and not very seriously to such questions, I will answer again:
You can facilitate the work of this kind of programs as much as you like. And all the same, web design will need layout designers. The normal path of a web designer: 1. Notepad, 2. Visual editors, 3. Notepad . The second mention of notepad is text editors, any.
A machine will never replace a person.
And you need to look in the direction of the development of frameworks, that's where the blow will be struck. But not by machines, but by the same typesetters and programmers. People.

Puma Thailand, 2014-04-23

To make life easier for coders and designers.

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