Mikhail Frolov2021-08-12 19:20:22
Adobe Flash
Mikhail Frolov, 2021-08-12 19:20:22

Adobe Flash Player how to revive?

I know that the flash is dead and not supported, but is it really impossible to run it?
In general, I registered on one Chinese forum in order to download material that is not available either in RuNet or in Europanet. The problem is that in order to download something you need to set an avatar in the profile, and these imbicelloids implemented this through flash.
OC does not matter, there is linux and Windows, if necessary, I can install what is required.
Thank you in advance.

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GavriKos, 2021-08-12

These, as you called them there, forked the flush and use their own implementation. So it's not a fact that even with the official flush it will work.

Stockholm Syndrome, 2021-08-13

I was able to run Flash content using Chrome Flash Edition and the old version of Flash installed, but I had to constantly press the "Run once" button

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