Carinso82016-02-16 14:55:42
Carinso8, 2016-02-16 14:55:42

Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, how to buy a subscription for 2-3?

Good afternoon, I purchased an annual subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (1500 per month), is there a need to use it on 2 computers under one account? The work takes place mainly on Mac OS X.
Thank you

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Growth Osipov, 2016-02-16

You can bet.
Adobe allows you to use the package for individual use on 2 devices. It is assumed that a person has a stationary workplace and a mobile station.
For 3 devices - it won’t work anymore - it will be necessary to first unload one of the originally used devices.
Hm. I didn’t have any problems at that time with simultaneous use for 2 devices (MacBook Pro (MacOSX and a stationary one on Win10). Maybe something has changed now.

Andrey Ivanov, 2016-02-16

You can install it on multiple computers, but you can't use it at the same time.

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