Chvalov2016-09-18 19:29:15
Chvalov, 2016-09-18 19:29:15

Adobe CEP HTML Engine does not work properly, how to fix it?

After starting Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CEP HTML Engine appears in the processes and does not allow to live normally.
It feels like "ESC" is constantly being pressed, how to overcome this problem?

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azsx, 2016-09-18

In the 23rd post they write the answer (with a link to the document). Didn't it help you?

Santchos, 2018-01-10

And here is the same thing, only in Russian:

borisboev, 2020-01-23

The method from Adobe with replacing files does not always help.
The problem can arise if you have different versions of Adobe products,
in which case different versions of the CEP HTML Engine conflict.
Try updating your products to the same version,
such as Photoshop 2019+Indesign 2019+Illustrator 2019.

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