AntonDev2017-05-28 23:43:29
AntonDev, 2017-05-28 23:43:29

admob performance in 2017?

Hello. I have a question about Admob performance in 2017. Typically, revenue (pay per 1,000 impressions) falls on January 1st and recovers by April. This happens with the same CTR, that is, there are no fewer clicks to impressions, but the eCPM is almost 2 times lower. My audience is from Russia. This year, as usual, I expected a recovery in profitability starting from April, but this did not happen. It's already the end of May, and eCPM is 2 times lower than before January 1, while the CTR is even higher. Whether it is connected with the crisis, then I have some kind of problem. How are you doing?

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