nicolausYes2013-09-04 10:26:20
nicolausYes, 2013-09-04 10:26:20

admob payouts

The problem is this.
Firstly, this month there were delays in “calculating” earnings per day (that is, the statistics were updated with a delay, at the end of the day it says that it was earned, for example, $ 10, and a day later it is slowly pulled up to $ 12), which is earlier was not, and the payment itself was sent with a delay (usually on the 2nd-3rd of each month, this time on the 4th).

1. Sent in a payment of $ 22 less than earned in a month.
2. If you calculate what is on the admob account now + what was sent and compare with what happened yesterday, then about $ 40 was lost.

Does anyone have the same problems with admob?
Where to write, to whom to complain?

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Stepan, 2013-09-04

Have you switched to a new admob by any chance?

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