Black Basher2022-02-24 14:21:52
Black Basher, 2022-02-24 14:21:52

Admob giving a bunch of errors on iOS Unity?

I'm making a game on Unity, everything works fine on android, but on IOS it gives a lot of errors. I use Admob, when you disable it everything works fine, but as soon as you add it to the project again, everything stops working again. XCode throws the following errors:

googlemobileads/googlemobileads.h' file not found (this error seems to have been fixed)

Use of undeclared Identifier 'error'

Cannot find protocol declaration for 'GADNativeDelegate'

Unknown receiver 'GADRewardedAd'

No visible \@interface for 'GADRewardedAd' declares the selector 'initWitAdUnitId'

Many errors in different error lines Excepted a type

I've tried everything I can think of and none of the solutions work. I have read the documentation several times, added the iOS plugin to the XCode project, nothing helps. Tried to add Appodeal but other errors appear there

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