Nikita Shvetsov2011-12-03 14:40:04
System administration
Nikita Shvetsov, 2011-12-03 14:40:04

Admission to the University

I am about to graduate from college, in the future I would like to work in the field of system administration (network), which universities (preferably with a military department) and specialties can you advise?

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Alexander G, 2011-12-03

Honestly, they don’t teach system administration in the country, and studying for some kind of physics-mathematics or computer science-economics is nonsense, there will be no computers, but there will be unnecessary items. Therefore, one piece of advice, look for study abroad, there is more subject education and is highly valued in Russia!!!

mukizu, 2011-12-03

MIREA, Faculty of IT (former Computers and Systems). Military commissar, tsiska, MS, Oracle, good teachers and equipment.

@sledopit, 2011-12-03

Speaking of networks, some universities have Cisco laboratories that teach students as part of a university course in some specialties. From Moscow I know for sure about MSTU. Bauman ( IU-3 . there is a military department). I don't have any information about the quality and fullness of the courses.
Also, in my opinion, in MIIT (there is no military department) there is something similar.

izmalk, 2011-12-03

I confirm that at the Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman laboratory CISCO (several sets of something like 871 + wifi access points) is available. PS-3 seems to be the department closest to the administration.
But they won’t teach you even a small part of what you will need later (well, they can teach you a little, but don’t expect that you will learn and that’s all - you need to work as an administrator in a large company, you have to either during training or after studying on your own and the more the better). Therefore, going there with the goal of becoming an admin is worth it only if you want to get a "crust" of a diploma, at least somehow confirming your qualifications above the rural "hacker".
A real contribution to your resume (and to your head) will be the courses that are in the same Baumanka. Of course, they are paid (the center "Specialist", about him is on the Internet with prices and training programs). But it is an official partner of many companies, such as Cisco, Microsoft, even Oracle, it seems. For a lot of money, they will give real knowledge and very valuable certificates.
So the ideal option is IU-3 + maximum certificates (they are of different levels, and there is a lot of information about them on the Internet).
There is definitely a military commissar at MSTU. And there is a hostel, a delay and sports. complex. Not really advertising, more like insider information.

PQR, 2011-12-03

I agree with the previous ones: MSTU im. Bauman PS-3! I myself studied at Baumanka - an excellent school, I am satisfied with the level and quality, not everything is still fucked up in our education system.

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