Ordinary Man2015-09-08 23:41:27
Distance learning
Ordinary Man, 2015-09-08 23:41:27

Admission to MIT (Moscow Technological Institute) - is it worth it or not?

Good day, dear ones!
There is such an institute - the Moscow Technological Institute. It practices distance learning. In this regard, the question arises - is it worth doing or not with this form of training? Reviews on the Internet formed a double impression. The questions on the Toaster are already a bit outdated, so I'll try to raise this issue in a new way. Maybe there are graduates or current students of this institute here by chance, I will be very grateful if they tell me and share their advice. I enter the specialty - Software for computer equipment and automated systems.
Why am I doing this... At work, a very difficult situation has developed - I work as a system administrator, the fleet of equipment has already expanded to 800 machines. I did not study at the university, I have a technical education (secondary specialized). They accepted the position of system administrator after he came to get a job 2 years ago - it was urgently necessary to fill a vacant position. He immediately got involved in the work, got used to it, worked successfully. Now the instruction has come to reduce the frames to a minimum, to leave only the necessary ones. I, as a person without a university (and in the requirements, the presence of a tower is MANDATORY) - the chances of staying are 0 whole, 0 tenths ... I decided to act. I chose MIT, although I myself live in Belarus.
Thanks in advance for the replies!

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Armenian Radio, 2015-09-09

Losses for you - time, money.
Acquisitions - a diploma, perhaps - connections, unlikely - streamlining existing knowledge, negligible - learn something new.

FoxInSox, 2015-09-09

What a crappy conclusion you have drawn from the current situation. They reduced, reduce and will reduce the staff for the sake of one goal - cost optimization. They usually start doing this with those people who can be dispensed with, or with those who can be replaced by more profitable ones.
And if I were you, I would not just think about the university, but about the fact that there are millions of system administrators like you, and all of you are easily interchangeable.

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