ganbatte2019-08-16 07:07:11
System administration
ganbatte, 2019-08-16 07:07:11

Administration without ActiveDirectory? Just want to map network drives remotely?

We have several network storages in our work, and someone needs only some of them, and someone needs to delete them, this is how you can remotely control all this, the computers are not connected to the domain. I looked at the powershell method, connect to the PC via powershell, but this method is somehow multi-way. What other ways are there? Or just Active directory?

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Alexey, 2019-08-16

Rummaging around a shared folder, throwing a script into it to mount other disks and running it through autorun on the necessary machines is quite a crutch, but as soon as you need something more serious, for example, give permission to read and execute files only, you will need it for more convenient work AD.
You understand that this is a trash of accounts on the file storage, or everyone has one account, which also does not provide any management and monitoring options.
We remember that deleting files from the basket on a network resource cannot be retrieved later? And who is to blame and what to do then xs.

Dmitry Shitskov, 2019-08-16

You can use Ansible and the network drive module https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/2.4/win_mapped_dr...

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