Godless2016-11-14 15:26:30
Godless, 2016-11-14 15:26:30

Admin / web resource. Is there a ready solution?

Good day.
Some strongly simplified similarity of CMS for the following purposes is necessary.

  1. showing a table of contents with a topic, some small description and attached files.
    interface is minimal, for display on tablets
  2. A very simple web-based editing interface for this wonder.

There should be 10 such blocks, i.e. conditionally:
  • Item 1
    • Lesson 1
      • question 1
      • question 2

    • Lesson 2
      • question 1
      • question 2

  • Item 2...

So here, subjects are fixed, and occupations change. Questions need to be answered promptly during the session.
PS: on your own server, offline

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Adamos, 2016-11-14

1. Block creation / editing page, solid jQuery.
2. A script that processes AJAX requests from this page - existing, creating a new one, editing, deleting.
3. A page showing a tree of blocks with the ability to move, again entirely jQuery.
4. Script that processes requests from this page as well (or combined with item 2)
5. Well, the block storage logic is either a base or just files.
If authorization is not required - that's it.
If required, you need to add a couple more files and a user data store.
A normal topic for a term paper, IMHO ...
What? CMS? What for?!..

Igor Vorotnev, 2016-11-14


zelsky, 2016-11-14


Yuri Chudnovsky, 2016-11-14

HTML document made in MS Word. Cheap and angry.

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