Alexey Tolmachinsky2022-02-22 12:55:31
Web development
Alexey Tolmachinsky, 2022-02-22 12:55:31

Admin panel for the project, and is it needed?

I got a project in my hands with such a task: the customer wants to edit certain blocks of the site on his own.

It seems to be a simple task, and I immediately thought that I would install a laravel admin panel, and, consider it, it’s ready.

But, having received the project, I found that it is a one-page index.php with css and js and bootstrap included.

Now I don't know what to do. Are there any free admin panels for such solutions? The administration forbade writing the entire admin panel itself - the project does not pay that kind of money, apparently. Therefore, the only option is to find some free service that you can connect, tweak and enjoy. You don't know them, by any chance?

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Anton, 2022-02-22

Wordpress (hit my hands painfully)

Alexander Nesterov, 2022-02-22

It is not very clear what is meant by edit. If you mean adding some data (products, etc.) - it may make sense to switch to WordPress (Well, or pull a template on it)
If we are talking about "painting blocks", then it's all the more worth switching to it.

Vladimir Kokhan, 2022-02-22

Here is an option for such a case - https://textolite.ru/

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