Alexander2016-03-14 12:54:41
Alexander, 2016-03-14 12:54:41

Admin panel ("admin panel") for a simple html/css site...?

I started learning html and css not very long ago, and while creating my first simple site, I ran into a problem with the admin panel. Or rather, my lack of it. Already managed to disappoint in Wordpress, Julma and other x. I can’t change their sites in the code to suit my style, I’m tormented by rummaging, although the admin panel is, in general, nothing. Please help with links, or with your knowledge in terms of ready-made admins, but easily embedded, just for adding posts and photos. Of course, I teach, but I myself will write it, I guess not soon ...

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Maronus, 2016-03-14

ready-made admins

There's no such thing.
The admin panel is part of the site itself, protected by a password, and it is created for specific requirements for site administration. Or use a ready-made CMS. One out of two.

Sergey Goryachev, 2016-03-14

I recently started learning html and css.

Have you just started the basics and already want to jump in the gun and learn PHP to write your own backend? Wooooow!
You're just typing wrong.
Just for adding texts and photos, just any admin panel from ready-made CMS is suitable.
I think that you simply do not want to figure it out and ask you to serve a ready-made solution on a silver platter.
That doesn't happen.

Egor, 2019-11-27

Textolite.ru is the solution for your task.
WordPress, ModX, etc. - for more complex dynamic sites.
Landing on the same WordPress is the next step in development. The procedure is not difficult, but routine.

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