Nikita Linberg2019-03-04 16:17:04
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Nikita Linberg, 2019-03-04 16:17:04

A domain with 10 million unique visitors was stolen from reg.ru, what should I do?

Unknown persons wrote a notarial statement on my behalf to reg.ru in Ukrainian, the domain administrator was changed.
I have all the receipts of transactions associated with this domain name, a registration certificate, a certificate of ownership of this domain in my name from reg.ru
At the moment I wrote a statement to the St. Petersburg Ministry of Internal Affairs, but at the moment there is no reaction. On the first day, I managed to write to the support service, asked them to freeze the domain, and made the transition of the domain to a new one.
In two weeks, 20% of the pages of all existing pages on the old domain were indexed.
Three days ago, the reg.ru support service wrote:
Based on the results of the internal audit, we report the following:
Due to the fact that to date we have not received any requests from the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the ****.su domain name and due to the completion of an internal check, which did not confirm suspicions of illegal transfer of the domain name, we are forced to remove the restrictions on the domain name .
However, if law enforcement authorities submit a request to withdraw the domain name from delegation, we will enforce their decision.

Now the scammer has changed the ns of the server and restored a copy of the site using cache systems.
More than 10 million unique users (80% google / 20% yandex) have visited the site over the past month, I think to go to court, but this is done for a very long time.
To be honest, I'm tired :(
what to do, how to fight?

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Sergey, 2019-03-04

This is reg.ru the most miserable domain name registrar. God forbid my clients from this registrar, now and forever, amen. It's useless to deal with them. Decide in the legal field. Tell the regulator that you will sue them too, as they did not ensure the security of your personal data and go to court. Let them compensate you for your financial losses. In court, they usually don’t understand what domains are, if you have a well-prepared base by a lawyer, you will also get money from them. The main thing here is to find a good lawyer. Perhaps these idiots from reg ru do not want to check where they are and how they store their users' data and start moving. Either way, they should be punished.

Alessandra, 2019-03-04

Hello Nikita Linberg !
I represent REG.RU company. Please tell me the support ticket number? We will pass the ticket to our lawyers and try to give recommendations and assist in resolving this issue.

ince, 2019-03-04

First in support, then in court.

Dimonchik, 2019-03-04

well, secondly, make sure that the registrar is not changed
, firstly, if you have nothing paper with reg.ru, and your signature is certified - sue, prove sanity and handwriting examination,
if the passport was involved somewhere - focus on this, well, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs it is necessary to lubricate

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