Eugene2012-03-24 22:07:50
Domain name market
Eugene, 2012-03-24 22:07:50

A domain record / Abuse?

Good evening. A delicate question, how to defend yourself and act?
The essence of the story: Today I discovered that my site A is displayed entirely on someone else's domain B . At first I thought maybe the site was hijacked ... but no, I was able to log in to domain B and looked at phpinfo - this is my server. Then I looked at the WHOIS of the domain, it turned out to be NS addresses of jino hosting. Those. support made it clear that a person pointed to jino with an A record of the server's ip address, and we should already contact the hosting directly. I wrote an abuza to them, I'm waiting for an answer ... probably an answer will come in PN.
Domain B already has 400+ pages in the google index...my domain A has lost positions and pages.
Question:How to resist such lawlessness? and how to proceed? This is the first time I've come across such a case.

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Oleg Matrozov, 2012-03-24

Tell the server (apache?) that it would not respond with your site to any domain, but only to yours, then the problem will disappear by itself.

S1eng, 2012-03-24

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^([немойсайт]*)$ /шлинах.html [L]

S1eng, 2012-03-24

decision on puff Sori for the second comment, wrote in a hurry.

S1eng, 2012-03-24

puffy solution

Eugene, 2012-03-24

Correct code along with S1eng :

<?php if ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] != 'domain') {

InfoPL, 2014-08-12

You can do even better.
for example, we did this
Example: womansocset.ru
This domain does not belong to us, but the owner of this domain decided to do us a dirty trick. Now his domain shows OUR advertising banner.
In everything you can find a benefit)))

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