Dmitry Shaporenko2014-10-30 14:19:17
Domain name market
Dmitry Shaporenko, 2014-10-30 14:19:17

A domain in which domain zone will not be taken away from the owner at the request of the authorities?

I am working on a website project for a client.
There is a question of choosing a domain name. In particular, some kind of "offshore" domain zone is needed so that the domain is not blocked / not taken away at the request of any authorities, or they do it very slowly and reluctantly.
The project is not illegal, I just want to protect myself from such problems in case of an attack by complaining competitors. So far, we are considering the following:
This is a list from the customer. They ask to find something else that meets the criteria that I described above.

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Elena, 2014-10-30

.CC domains are bulletproof. Ru should not be considered, according to the laws of the Russian Federation they can be blocked or taken away.

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