Evgenia Satonina2016-09-24 19:24:26
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Evgenia Satonina, 2016-09-24 19:24:26

A disk read error occurred. The loop is ok. What to do?

Black screen, and the inscription - A disk read error occurred. press Alt+ctrl+del to restart...
Started the system from another drive. The system sees a damaged disk, but when you try to enter it, it says - The disk structure is damaged. Reading is impossible. ssd drive. The question is how to fix it. Or merge the information from it and format it (and will it help). Apparently the problem is with the boot sector, and I don't know if formatting will help ...
I don't have a CD drive. There is only the Internet and another working screw, from which I launched the system.

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res2001, 2016-09-24

If the disk is detected by the system, then:
1. take a disk image (Acronis True Image)
2. check the disk (even with the standard Windows chkdsk or any other utility with this functionality)
Further on the results of the check. If the disk is alive, then restore the partitions.
Get a bootable flash drive, usually there is already the right set of software. For example: adminpe.ru

Konstantin Stepanov, 2016-09-24

First merge the info, then quick format, then update the firmware, then full format.
If it does not come to life - in the trash.

Puma Thailand, 2016-09-24

Most likely he died forever, try to update the firmware and use backups

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