Ivan Pogorelov2014-08-20 16:12:38
Ivan Pogorelov, 2014-08-20 16:12:38

A disk read error occurred and strange sounds. Zhd died?

Do I understand correctly that I am now listening to hard disk convulsions (peak-click-click)? There was no such sound before.
Here is the error a disk read error occurred.
Only a mouse, speakers, keyboard, and monitor are connected to the computer. Bios is set correctly. Did I understand correctly that the train died, or is it still being treated somehow? Can the data be recovered? What could have caused this?
Ps. A few months ago, he returned from a familiar "tyzhprogrammer", his grandfather asked to clean the dust, and until that moment he had been standing on the floor. So I was not too lazy, and connected it, and what is it?

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neonox, 2014-08-20

I think if it comes to sounds, then defragmentation and chkdsk will not help. 99.9% that dies railway. There are many reasons for failure. Data recovery is possible, but expensive and not guaranteed. You can try to connect it separately to computers and throw off the data.

Ivan Pogorelov, 2014-08-20

Looks like the plug is dead. I poked it, and the sounds stopped, strange screens ... and, behold, the desktop. To everyone who responded - thank you!

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