and7ey2015-07-06 11:13:34
and7ey, 2015-07-06 11:13:34

A device to work with a large number of SIM-cards at the same time?

Tell me, please, what devices exist for working with a large number of SIM-cards at the same time (for example, with 100)? At the same time, all SIM-cards should not work at the same time, it is enough that only one out of 100 works, and from the PC it was asked which SIM-card should be used and for what (for example, to receive an SMS or make a call).
An Alibaba search revealed the presence of devices called ' SIM card rotation ' and ' SIM card pool/bank '. The former support the operation of several SIM-cards simultaneously (for example, for 128 cards they have 16 channels) and, apparently, because of this, they are relatively expensive. What is the second one, it’s not entirely clear to me whether SIM-banks work on their own or if they still need some device called VoIP Gateway. Does anyone understand this?

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SIMBank, 2016-03-29

We are developing such devices as you described
Receiving SMS, switching between SIM cards
Skype for communication appsends
Software can be written any

npts, 2018-01-02

There is such a domestic device Sim Roulette. Activator-registrar for 4000 SIM cards. Just what you need.

Netsky1, 2018-03-10

I'm ready to buy SIM card rotation on Alibaba, but I need help setting it up to implement SMS forwarding from all sims to telegrams. Write in a personal or telegram Netsky1

parkur, 2022-02-16

Here is a good article about this, informative

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