Mouvdy2020-05-26 17:55:43
Mouvdy, 2020-05-26 17:55:43

A device/thermometer with the ability to energize when a certain temperature is reached?

There is an Openwrt router that gets quite hot, lm-sensors: 55-65 C it has a usb port and I connected a USB fan to it.

After numerous attempts, + the manufacturer of the router confirmed that it is impossible to turn on / off the power of the usb port on their hardware: /

Accordingly, I am looking for an alternative how to turn on the cooler / fan when a certain temperature is reached.

I suppose you need an external thermometer that would provide appropriate power or, for example, a bunch of smart sockets + xiaomi thermometer

How to make it as simple as possible?

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Drno, 2020-05-26

bleh .... wasn't it easier to buy Mikrotik?)

Ronald McDonald, 2020-05-26

for example, a bunch of smart sockets + xiaomi thermometer

Or a stupid old thermostat.

Keffer, 2020-05-27

Monsieurs just know a lot about special perversions, since they use this product called WRT.

Ruslan, 2020-05-27


Vladimir, 2020-07-18

arduina + thermal sensor + transistor (in the role of a power key)
if with ali- within 200 ru

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