apossya2019-07-09 10:22:58
apossya, 2019-07-09 10:22:58

A device for studying at a university?

Hello. I graduated from the 11th grade, now I am enrolling in the areas of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Software Engineering and Computer / Information Security. I didn’t have a laptop and didn’t need it, because in my studies I did all the projects on the iPad and occasionally on the PC (if I had to write a program or something not very adapted to the tablet).
Now, in view of the field of study, you will definitely need a device with an open file system and a convenient programming environment. For the last year, my soul has been in the direction of the new iPad Pro (it attracted, on the whole, greater affordability than many top-end laptops, the ability to combine a sensor, a very functional stylus and keyboard, as well as appearance and weight), but precisely because of the listed points I understood that most likely a laptop would be bought. However, after reading a few articles, I realized that, in principle, the coding process is now adapting to iPads thanks to several applications, and in the new IpadOs the tablet file system becomes much more open, which is also facilitated by the USB-C connector (I now have Air2, it is already morally the Lightning connector is also outdated, but I still rolled a beta for developers on it,
Accordingly, the question is: should I take off my rose-colored glasses, take a break and buy a laptop (probably MAC Air / Pro, but I was going to take this issue more seriously and maybe find something worthwhile in a lower price category or just something else suitable), or is it really in favor of mobility and own desire to take the iPad Pro?

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Denis Fedorets, 2019-07-09

If you choose the only device in the university - then only a laptop. It is more versatile, it is more durable, it loses less in price, you can sell it later more easily. You can put any operating system on it (if we are talking about a macbook), you can connect peripherals to it (suddenly you need it, but it will be needed most likely) ... No matter what they say - well, the iPad is not, even pro, "a personal weapon "programmer. Yes, there are cases where the iPad can be successfully replaced with a MacBook. But outside of this narrow path, you will constantly run into restrictions, perform feats and prove something to someone, convincing yourself and others how good and normal you are, do you need it?

Roman, 2019-07-09

should i take off my rose colored glasses

Notebook and pen. Do labs like everyone else on a common PC or a camping beech, which is not a pity.
At lectures, you need to look at the teacher, the blackboard and the notebook.
No one will appreciate your devices except you, freshmen and gopniks.
Do you want convenience without show-offs?

OnYourLips, 2019-07-09

I realized that, in principle, the coding process is now adapting to iPads thanks to
Thanks to the power of imagination and the desire to buy an expensive toy.
A laptop at the university was absolutely mandatory even 10 years ago.

Amffore, 2019-07-09

Take a laptop. I can’t be 100% sure, but the university will most likely teach C #. And without Windows and Visual Studio, oh, how hard it will be for you. In addition, there may be specific items that use specific software that works in 99% of cases only under Windows. Therefore, in this regard, the laptop is more versatile.

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