l4m3r2017-05-28 22:08:08
l4m3r, 2017-05-28 22:08:08

A couple of questions new to the poppy?

Got a poppy today. After many years of working for PC, windows and ubuntu, everything seems to be a nightmare as unusual.
Enlighten in some moments pls, because I'm tired of eating a cactus:
1) Will a standard mouse and keyboard work fine here? The small keyboard of the poppy is just tin, I constantly miss, I type text at 10 words per minute. To put a comma, you need to switch the layout. The Fn key is still in place where control. Is it really worth getting used to?
2) For some reason, the touch mouse has an inversion of the scroll - up is down, down is up. Is it so intended?
3) Will Chrome be better than Safari on Mac?
4) Is it possible to change the layout change to Shift + Cmd at least? Control + space is not convenient at all. I go to
in the key settings, but when I try to change I get an error sound.
5) Select all text Ctrl+A does not work here. What combination should I use?
6) What is the analogue of a simple notepad in a poppy? where you can just copy the text
Thanks in advance for the answers.

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BVadim, 2017-05-28

1. Mac keyboards are some of the best I've ever used (I've tried many keyboards before). Both laptop keyboards and separate keyboards are very comfortable, but it takes time to get used to. Comma in Russian layout: Shift + 6, no need to switch anywhere.
2. Scroll inversion is disabled in the mouse and trackpad settings. It's not convenient for me either, I always turn it off. Option: "scroll direction".
3. I use Safari for sites where you need to save passwords. Very convenient integration with the keystore, a convenient function to pinch your fingers on the trackpad to see all the opening tabs in a mosaic. Otherwise, Chrome seems to be more convenient, especially for development. I use them in parallel.
4. There is an opportunity to set up keyboard shortcuts for switching, but for some reason Cmd + Shift specifically does not work. In general, you get used to Cmd + Space very quickly and then you don’t understand why you need to twist your fingers with all sorts of Ctrl + Shift / Alt + Shift.
5. Cmd+A. On a Mac, Cmd will replace almost all combinations with Ctrl under Windows. The Ctrl key is rarely used, mostly in console or specific applications.
6. You can install Atom.io. Good editor.

silverjoe, 2017-05-28

Text editor - either built-in or Sublime
It's better not to reassign combinations - on a poppy they are more convenient than in Windows. Try to work for a week or two and then make a decision.

OnYourLips, 2017-05-28

1. Yes, get used to the keyboard, there are no alternatives. You will even get used to cmd + arrows. Claves are good in quality, at the level of good screw ones.
2. It is better to buy a normal mouse, from 4tr it will be good. Among my acquaintances there are no those who liked the apple. A couple of people at the same time use touchpads, the rest have normal mice.
3. To your taste. Most prefer chrome.
4.CMD. You'll get used to it after a few days. In applications it is already more difficult if you use prof. software.
5. I recommend Microsoft VS Code or Sublime Text. They were also used under Windows. The first is more interesting, more actively developing, free and open source.
I myself used a few years ago, then returned back. It's convenient when it's convenient for you.

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