Boxcraud2015-12-06 10:00:35
Boxcraud, 2015-12-06 10:00:35

A couple of questions about virtual machines?

I've been working on Windows 7 for more than 2 years and I'm tired of constantly downloading all sorts of libraries, suffering with their installation ... while in Linux this is solved by entering commands in the console, but immediately switching to Linux is a little scary and I would like to "test" it on Windows 7, by installing a virtual machine I:
1) Can I use 100% of the Linux features?
2) Will it be possible using a virtual machine, for example, to write a program in Python, with the library installed, and then save it in Windows 7?
3) Will the processor be heavily loaded?

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Armenian Radio, 2015-12-06

  1. Yes you can
  2. Yes it is possible
  3. 5-10% extra, and then in the worst case

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