Nikita Shchypylov2018-07-07 19:35:31
Nikita Shchypylov, 2018-07-07 19:35:31

A couple of questions about using a VPN?

I thought about purchasing a VPN, before that I did not use it. There are a couple of questions about work:
1) Does this affect the use of the battery on the phone?
2) Are cookies, tokens, etc. stored on the computer? Let's say if I always "log in" from the Netherlands, then once I log into my Google account with VPN turned on, will my cookies be saved? Will it be necessary next time when I turn on the computer to log into my account?
Thank you!

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poisons, 2018-07-07

1) Influences, because the phone won't go to sleep.
2) Saved. For services, you will teleport every time. Many services do not like this, for example, they will ask you to enable 2-factor authorization voluntarily-compulsorily.

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