etojemph2014-09-14 02:49:10
etojemph, 2014-09-14 02:49:10

A couple of questions about python'e, answer?

Hello, I would like to know how difficult it is to start learning Python from scratch? I have little experience with Delphi, how difficult and painful will it be to get off Delphi to Python? Is it possible to write software for Windows Desktop in Python`e? What and where to read about this language for learning from scratch?

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wiygn, 2014-09-14

Default advice: Mark Lutz “Learning Python”, dive into python (available in Russian). After a quick read, you can sit down and code with stackoverflow.
How difficult? Here, again, the default, it all depends on the person. In my opinion, the ideology of the language is just right for beginners.
The language is cross-platform, you need an interpreter (I work under Windows myself), so you can write software for it.
I take it that by Desktop you mean GUI applications? Then there are libraries: PyQt (binding a full-fledged Qt to Python), Tkinter (built-in gui), PyGTK, PyKDE, Wx. There are many, you can check the list here .

Ilya, 2014-09-14

I started learning python recently. The book "Programming in python" by Michael Dawson 3rd edition helped a lot. Python 3.1 is used. I liked the book. Gave me the basics. At the end of each chapter, puzzles are given to solve on your own.

zed, 2014-09-14

How difficult and painful will it be to get off Delphi to Python?

It will be very easy. Python relaxes :)
But the reverse process can be painful.

Sergey, 2014-09-14

coursea has courses, one of them starts tomorrow

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