Vladimir Sergeevich2015-08-16 10:24:41
Vladimir Sergeevich, 2015-08-16 10:24:41

How to work with the catalog and configure it flexibly?

Hello everybody! the question has been rewritten, because I did not receive an answer to the previous edition. Thank you so much everyone in advance!
I myself have recently been in WordPress and have no experience yet .. therefore I use Tosterom, there is enough information on the Internet, but it is extremely difficult to structure it and there are always doubts about the correct approach to the task, and this can only be prompted by an experienced User ... that's why there are so many questions.
There is a task ...
There is a "Landingpage" on several of its pages, you need to display the catalog and the catalogs will differ, there will be 2 of them.
A filter will be attached to each page with the catalog and pagination under the catalog, when you click on the product, its description page should open, since there are 2 types of goods and they are completely different, you need to somehow make 2 product pages that are different in appearance.
What I plan to do now:
1) Install WooCommerce, display all statics using ACF (pirate), through OptionPage, and immediately the question is... is it possible to create multiple settings pages?
2) On pages with a catalog, display it using a regular shortcode and display a filter using a widget.
Will I be able to display 2 different filtering widgets on different pages and which plugin do you recommend.
Is it correct that I display the info through the shortcode? Can I output it with a loop in the form I need. And for pagination to work...
3) Customize the external output, via CSS, on top of the standard one.
4) Hide and show the necessary elements on the product page using Jquery and Css.
Can I make 2 kinds of product page?
5) Customize the shopping cart pages, purchases, by rewriting CSS, and if not, then by changing the template. Can you tell me where it is configured?
These are the main questions as such... Also a question about WooCommerce itself.. Maybe there is a plugin that is more convenient for settings?
Thank you all again! Sorry for the upsurge, maybe stupid questions, but Google didn't help much....
Here's the patient: HERE

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xDimus, 2019-02-11

Are you running it with a parameter? He must get the file name from it, if it is not there, then the variable is not defined

Igor Statkevich, 2019-02-11

in_m3u = str(sys.argv[1]) read what sys.argv is

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