Oleg Sheshin2011-08-28 15:57:42
Oleg Sheshin, 2011-08-28 15:57:42

A couple of questions about Drupal?

I started building an architecture portal over the weekend, chose Drupal, and I'm generally happy with everything, but there are a few questions that are quite difficult to answer, could you help me? :) I'm using Drupal 7.7 naked.
So, questions:
1. How can the following be implemented in Drupal: let's say there is a building, it was built in 1948, there is also a building whose construction date is the end of the 1940s (1947-1949), and I would like that when sorting by clicking by 1948, all the buildings that had the end of the 1940s were coming out. That is, he would read the range and substitute the date. It is also necessary that several dates can be specified in this field (let's say the building was built in 1947, reconstructed in 1989). With what help it can be implemented? What field type in this case should be?
2. I also want to make a map. There is an object type of material, it is necessary that this material is placed on the map (gmaps or yamaps does not play a role) with an icon depending on the value in a certain field of this type. I looked in the direction of the gmaps module - but there is only a development release, I'm afraid to use it. Plus, all the guides on it are in English and it is not clear how exactly to implement this task. Can you tell me how to do it? To put an object on the map, as I understand it, the most successful thing is - when creating a material, the user pokes the mouse into a certain area on the map, the coordinates are written in a certain field and then read when building the map? Plus, it's also interesting, but how can you implement a filter for objects on the map, on the page with the map itself?
So far, everything seems to be, tell me please, otherwise I specifically stalled.

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skitales, 2011-08-28

1. put the necessary tags on the building, for example, if the building was built in 1938, put the tag 1940.
2. write a script that will draw icons on top of the map. Google "icons on goole maps javascript".

irsick, 2011-08-28

The main problem is that you are using the 7th branch of Drupal. Unfortunately, many solutions that work on 6 (for example, ) are in raw beta or will not be ported to 7 at all.

Dialog, 2011-08-29

1) for dates, dig towards custom material types + views module
2) either module development or a crutch on a crutch is already here

LexaSmirnoff, 2011-09-01

1. Implemented through taxonomy. When creating the material, put in the term the honest 1938th year of construction. Further, if the output of materials through views, you make a PHP filter, take a search query in it (for example, you need to find “about 1940”), with your code you get taxonomy terms for the subject “1940 + -5 years”, then again with your code you get the node ID assigned to those terms and returned as an array. As a result, something like WHERE nid IN (25,26,27,28) will be added to the query that builds the views.
If your output is even simpler, immediately SELECT with LEFT JOIN.
2. gmaps and location. DEV - well, what to do, either they, or write it yourself. Place exactly like this: when creating a new type of node, the number of locations on the map is selected (i.e. in our case 1) and additional ones are set. parameters, incl. icon type (by the way, the icon type can be replaced by hooks). The filter is done through views - the google maps view type is selected, then exposed filters (comboboxes, etc.).
More IMHO. It is better not to implement real estate sites on Drupal. Imaginary advantage "Oh!!! a bunch of modules out of the box!!” leads at one point to the fact that in order to implement the new “wants” of the customer, you either have to write your own full-fledged module (which is easier), or even throw out Drupal. Well, or the situation "done and forgot", then yes, it makes sense.

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