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lapka-admin, 2018-06-24 07:31:01

A couple of questions about 4G routers?

1. Some 4G WiFi routers support automatic restart of the USB modem if it freezes, what is the name of this function? I want to choose exactly from the routers that have it, but what to look for in the characteristics?
2. Will 4G be enough for a computer class of 10 people, provided that the video will not be watched, pictures sometimes?

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Drno, 2018-08-08

I would take Mikrotik to stick a 4g modem into it.
On Mikrotik there is already a script to restart the modem in case of an internet hangup.
Yes, it can often restart the modem, but it will work automatically.
The restart period is usually 1-2 minutes.

Mr BIT, 2018-11-06

Keenetic routers also have a Ping Checker that restarts the modem (USB interface) if the connection fails or fails to do so.
As for the speed, enough or not, it all depends on the specific indicators. In a general sense, it should be enough, but how it will be in your place, you need to test it.
Of the objects connected by us, there are hotels where not 10, but 50-80 people are sitting on the 4G LTE channel and there is enough for everyone.

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