BigMosquito2011-08-24 21:08:51
BigMosquito, 2011-08-24 21:08:51

A convenient wireless keyboard for a programmer?

Recommend a convenient wireless keyboard for a programmer. limit — 60$

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Zexes, 2011-08-24

Not a programmer, but I type quite often.
I have never seen a more comfortable keyboard than the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 . Now I have a third one. Wireless sold only with a mouse.

antalus, 2011-08-24

From logitech, pay attention to the ergonomic Logitech Wireless K350 market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=5150939

IllariPosselt, 2011-08-24


skitales, 2011-08-25

Logitech makes good wireless keyboards/mouses. Check it out for yourself and decide which one is more convenient for you.

debugx, 2011-08-25

I took this market.yandex.ru/model.xml?modelid=5150939&hid=723088 for myself.
Excellent clave.

Avantasia, 2011-08-25

I like the Logitech 431879-0001 Cordless Keyboard.
But it’s better to clarify the question of what softness of keystrokes you need and so on.

Eternalko, 2012-03-08

Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350 owner.
Seems like a good one. Comfortable. Only the keys are somehow too hard to press.
Printing is not so convenient. I think to change.

krll-k, 2014-10-30

Defender Accent 965 Nano Black USB
costs 500-600 rubles.

MrTechSonu, 2020-10-08

Hey buddy
I know the keyboard is necessary but with a laptop, you need an external mouse to use. It helps to reduce the consumption of time. So I would strongly recommend you read- wireless mouse at a very cheap price . This is a well-written article buddy
I hope you will like it.

mnaikya, 2022-04-06

Hey, I know that a keyboard is essential, however, with laptops it is necessary to have an external keyboard. It will help you decrease the time spent. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you use a mechanical keyboard for a low cost .

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