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OnYourLips, 2016-06-11 11:28:20

A convenient way to transfer a link from your phone to your computer?

Now, in order to transfer a link from my phone to my computer (or vice versa), I either send it to myself by mail (many actions), or via OneNote or Wunderlist (you need to wait 10-20 seconds for synchronization after opening the program).
Browsers are different on the phone (Google Chrome) and computer (Firefox).
Are there better ways?

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Sergey Goryachev, 2016-06-11

I use telegram.
I created a chat for myself, when I send it there, it appears immediately on my computer.
Previously, I also used sending to the post office, there were more actions)
Telegram is certainly not a panacea, but it didn’t work out faster for me.
The phone has the "Send to Telegram" function, that is, you do not need to open the application.
Immediately from the page I send to the cart.

hobbyte, 2016-06-11

Pushbullet, started using it after chrome (fox) 2 background closed.

xmoonlight, 2016-06-11

1. If it's just to read: enter the domain and a couple of words from the page into Google - we get a link)
2. If you download, a link with a hash key, etc. - then it's easier to throw through chat or mail. (but this option is usually less common)
3. You can put a bookmark plugin, which is written for both mobile Google and FireFox.
For example, getPocket .

Ivan, 2016-06-15

Put FF on your phone, synchronize via standard Firefox Sync, then everything is as usual, in chrome you press the desired page to share, and select FF.
pixs.ru/showimage/Screenshot_7014210_22355653.png pixs.ru/showimage/

itech523, 2016-06-12

Firefox + Raindrop.io You can usually read through Start.me in FF, then put it off in the long or fast box of Raindrop.io.

Yaroslav Tatoshvili, 2018-06-21

The online bookmark service https://null-page.com/ allows you to access them from any device and in any browser, synchronization is instant there: added on your computer - immediately appeared on your phone. The interface is clear, the number of links is not limited, you can categorize as you wish.

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