nikitac2012-11-26 01:13:30
nikitac, 2012-11-26 01:13:30

A convenient way to receive transfers from the USA

Good day to all

Such a situation:

You need to regularly receive transfers from a citizen from the United States. I heard about Payoneer, ePayService, as well as PayPal Debit MasterCard (but it seems that SSN is needed there). Tell me the most convenient and least expensive way (commissions, etc.).

Thank you.

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Antom, 2012-11-26

In my opinion, with the current formulation of the problem, there are two extreme options:
1) If the US citizen is the only one and very familiar, and money needs to be sent frequently, but not in very large amounts, then let him draw up a bank debit card and transfer it to you. You withdraw cash from ATMs. There are tariffs with free withdrawal anywhere in the world.
2) If this is e-commerce, the amounts are sometimes significant, and US citizens are sometimes different, then an excellent option for a state of emergency on a simplified system with 6% of revenue, a bank account + a simple contract with a citizen for services (any).

nochkin, 2012-11-26

You can regularly use a bank that exists both here and there with full access to your account so that you can deposit money there in any country and simply withdraw money with a regular bank card in any country.

ixSci, 2012-11-26

Use payoneer or similar if you don't want to risk it. Otherwise, you need to pay taxes and confirm all payments with documents. Just a withdrawal to the account of an individual is illegal.

Puma Thailand, 2012-11-26

The other day I wrote an article about us payment service from payoneer for withdrawing money from paypal

ipswitch, 2012-11-27

Why not drive Western Union? You can receive cash immediately, or automatically credit it to your account and not go anywhere with a passport.

nikitac, 2012-11-27

I wanted to argue with you, but here's what happens:
what I knew:
Payoneer commission 1% for transfer + $ 3.15 for withdrawing from an ATM.
found out:
Chat with a Payoneer agent:
Nikita: Ok, correct me if I am wrong.
Nikita: Lets say I want to withdraw from ATM 100$
Marina : correct
Nikita: I pay $3.15 + 3$(3%), if I withdraw in grivnas?
Marina : yes this is correct
Nikita: and if I withdraw in dollars i pay only 3.15, right?
Marina : anyway you pay 3% for cfurrency conversion fee since the main bank is in Belize
Marina : everyone is paying that fee
Nikita: So basically you have a 3% ATM withdraw fee, right?
Marina : right and $3.15
Nikita: But if I will withdraw in Belize dollar i wont have it, right?:)
Marina : yes
get + 3% for cash withdrawals in any currency other than the Belize dollar!

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