Stanislav Romanov2016-06-09 17:09:49
Law in IT
Stanislav Romanov, 2016-06-09 17:09:49

A contract for the operation of the site with a foreign company?

There was a need to conclude a contract (civil law) between an individual from Russia (executor) with a foreign company (customer) that does not have a branch in Russia.
Contract for the development of a website.
Who has experience in concluding such contracts, please share your template (in Russian or English).

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qweqwa, 2016-06-09

It will not be valid at that time.

Elizaveta Borisova, 2016-06-10

Contract agreement only in the Russian Federation.

Galina, 2016-06-30

Write to me, we will do everything.

Maxim Shishkin, 2016-06-30

link About notaries and other nonsense, please do not read comments. bilingual agreement. Choose jurisdiction and conditions yourself.

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