Oleg Andrianov2021-02-07 15:54:50
Oleg Andrianov, 2021-02-07 15:54:50

A conflict of two forms?

Good afternoon, dear experts!
A few days have passed since I had a question about forms and how they work. I'm trying to understand - it doesn't work.
There is a site etiketki.ru , there is a link in the upper right corner - "order a call back" and a button "application for calculation". Clicking on any of them opens the corresponding form. Both forms are in the same container. The site is hosted by CMS ModX.
So, the problem is that the form that is located above in the html code removes the form tag from the markup and is not visible through the developer panel. She just doesn't exist. But the form that goes below the form code is in place and everything works fine. Rearranged the blocks in places - the same result - the form below works, the one above does not.
What could be the salt of this behavior and how to fix it?

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Oleg Andrianov, 2021-02-07

Problem solved. There was an unclosed form tag above in the code. Now I will definitely use https://validator.w3.org/

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