budmonk2018-09-30 23:05:19
network hardware
budmonk, 2018-09-30 23:05:19

A computer with a cloned MAC gets internet, but 3 routers don't. What could it be?

There are two routers and the Internet via a cable that is tied to the MAC address of the network card, the settings come automatically with DHCP. On two laptops, the connection starts with a cloned address, and on routers with a cloned MAC, the connection does not start. If you connect a cable from the LAN port of one router to the WAN port of another, then it successfully catches all DHCP settings and connects. The settings were reset and re-registered, and even manually registered all the addresses, but the result was zero. Help advice teapot.

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dennzo, 2018-10-01

I think metrics. +1 hop is added behind the router.
It depends on what kind of firmware is on the router, if something like OpenWRT can be overcome.

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