MalexMans2021-04-17 13:31:25
MalexMans, 2021-04-17 13:31:25

A computer. Keyboard. What to do?

Such a story. Everything was fine, I calmly played KSP, but there were errors that there was not enough memory. When I figured it out, now some keys behave strangely: if you try to type the letter "C", it will come out like "chsm / b *", the letter "B" - "lZhd", the letter "E" - "schey" + opens the mail. And "3" generally turns off Windows.

I've tried uninstalling devices, updating drivers, and restarting. No result. The electronic keyboard is working properly.

How to be?

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Dimonchik, 2021-04-17

maybe a keylogger, since a player
can have coffee, usually he (o) spreads better than tea over the clave

rPman, 2021-04-17

First you need to understand whether this is a hardware problem or a software one.
you need to connect the keyboard to another computer that does not have such a problem or connect someone else's keyboard to your computer that is not buggy, you can also boot into some other OS installation (for example, livecd, even winpe, even linux ubuntu, you can write to usb, I recommend unetbootin everything is there in a couple of clicks)

feniksdv, 2021-04-17

Do you have an Fn button on your keyboard? If yes, then press Fn + num lock

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