Nashev2013-06-17 23:35:11
Nashev, 2013-06-17 23:35:11

A cloud of surveillance cameras with free access?

In addition to city bikes as part of the velobike.ru project , bike stands have now been installed in Moscow as part of the velo.mos.ru project (there is a presentation of plans in this regard here )
However, in Moscow it’s somehow dumb to leave your bike unattended. The first answer to what would be enough to still leave the bike is video surveillance.
The second thought is that it would be good to have video surveillance as public as the bike racks themselves. So that any injured owner of a bicycle and the police called by him can take advantage of the results of his presence. Next, I recall the cloud of autonomous devices described by Vernon Vinge in the universe of the novel “The End of Rainbows” - it would be great if the cameras worked both as access points to themselves and repeaters for accessing them along the chain.
What I could dig up: there are such things, Cloud Camera from DLink, and a bunch of analogues that write locally to an sd card, have WiFi, consume a few watts and therefore, apparently, can be powered by a not very large solar battery. There are also vendors and their articles like www.tradetelecom.ru/sistemy-bezopasnosti/besprovod...
But I didn’t understand whether it is possible to access them directly (from an Android communicator, for example) and whether they can transmit video through each other to an access point connected to the Internet if it is visible only to one of the cameras? Are precedents known?

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