Think With Your Head2016-06-21 21:50:06
Think With Your Head, 2016-06-21 21:50:06

A client can only pay with a credit card, how to whitewash income?

A US customer can only pay with a credit card.
As far as I understand, a direct bank transfer will not work here.
So far, I am considering the option of paying through my website + offer agreement + Yandex cash desk, which seems to accept payments from credit cards and even foreign currency. And then Yandex gives documents on payments for individual entrepreneurs. So far, I can’t get through to support in any way to find out the conditions for working with non-residents and I’m looking for other options, because. such "responsiveness" of Yandex strains.
What else is a better option?

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Sergey, 2016-06-21

try paymaster instead of i.cash.
ps I called the support of I.Kassy many times. Always called.

mgremlin, 2016-06-30

PayPal still check. I don’t know how the local branch is, but in the USA PayPal accepts payments from local credit cards for 8 times-)
There is also a typical option - the organization of a "layer" between the client and himself. So that the "layer" accepts money in a way that is convenient for the client, and then pays them to you in a way that is convenient for you. With all the necessary documents.

Sergey Petrenko, 2016-06-22

A little offtopic, but still: the responsiveness of Yandex.Money and their derivatives is the epicenter of a disgusting attitude and fantastic indifference to everything in general. In my experience, there were such amazing cases that you still won’t believe me. Try to simulate a problem and allegedly call support with it, the result (zero) will surprise you.

Puma Thailand, 2016-06-22

if you have a credit card, then you can pay by bank transfer;
everything else is essentially gray-black schemes

ipswitch, 2016-06-22

Yandex.Checkout usually does not accept US cards. At least by default.
You need an agreement with a payment aggregator who will discuss with you that the client is from the USA and add the USA to the list of allowed countries. And they will pay you for r / s.
Look towards Payonline, Payture, Paymaster and others - there are many of them. You need a flexible approach.

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