theproof2016-03-03 10:08:37
theproof, 2016-03-03 10:08:37

A cheap little computer to display a picture on a monitor?

Please tell me the option of the cheapest and smallest computer.
The task is as follows:
there are several monitors, there is a desire to use them as a bulletin board.
Those. we upload the file to the computer (or show the site page) and this file hangs on the monitor in full screen mode.
It is advisable to cast over the network.
It's great if you still advise software for it
OR to paraphrase: the cheapest way to display a picture on a monitor via vga to use it as a bulletin board

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Alexander Wolf, 2016-03-03

Take a raspberry, for example (Raspberry pi).

Vladimir Kuts, 2016-03-03

Well, if you chase the price, then look at Ali android stick mini pc. Thousands in 2 and a half can be met. Cheaper - just a gift. And the most compact option. On board - Android with all the consequences.

Alexey, 2016-03-03

Why small? Take any ancient box, even with a third stump, I'm sure you can find such ones for pickup, since the price is fundamental and 3k is a lot.

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