Igor Pushkarsky2014-10-01 15:17:53
Igor Pushkarsky, 2014-10-01 15:17:53

A channel with a width of at least 50 mb at a distance of 8 km on what to implement?

Good afternoon!
In general, there is a task to raise a stable channel at a distance of 8 km with a width of 50 mb, of course, and at least 35 at the very edge, since the Internet tariff is 35 mb.
We tried to implement it on the Ubiquiti NanoBridge M2, we were already tormented to turn it for 3 weeks, the channel does not rise more than 6 mb, the conditions of direct visibility on the 1st side of a 12-story building with a tower of 3 meters on the roof, on the other side of the tower 15 meters high, the conditions are almost ideal, the channel was chosen almost empty, there was practically no interference.
Is it possible to raise such a channel at such a distance without resorting to registering a frequency in the GRCC?
If it is real, then on what equipment it is possible?
If not, then on what piece of iron can it be implemented and how expensive will it be to register the frequency and for how long?

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Cool Admin, 2014-10-01

It is impossible to use the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies in the Russian Federation without registration outdoors, well, that is. possible, but illegal.
I poke my finger into the sky, but for sure everything will work out at the RBSXTG-5HPacD points , since topics about 10-20 km link 200 megabits are easily googled on the Internet.

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