Klef2013-04-15 18:14:17
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Klef, 2013-04-15 18:14:17

A button with a protective cover?

The question is where to buy it in the city of Moscow.
What I mean is a button that closes with a hinged protective cover, from accidental pressing.
those. usage algorithm: opened the lid, pressed, released, closed the lid.
well, performance characteristics, 12 V, 50 A 15 A

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maeln0r, 2013-04-15

There was a discussion on ixbt, look at the links there . As an example from there such a button

lubezniy, 2013-04-16

I would not put a button with such parameters in the cabin: not only do you need to lead very long and very thick wires to it, but also in the event of a short circuit, this wiring will start to burn in the cabin. It is better to put a relatively small 1-2A fused button that will turn on the power relay or contactor in the engine compartment (for example, TR94-12VDC-SC-C, Relay 1 AC 12VDC / 70A, 14VDC). Well, do not forget about the need for spark extinguishing in the secondary circuit: at such currents this is necessary. You can take such a button and the most common one, and build a protective cover yourself from several pieces of plastic and a spring.

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