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Search Engine Optimization
madc0de, 2018-11-23 17:04:48

A bundle of SEO software (SE Ranking or Serpstat) + Key Collector or something else?

Good day!
I would like to ask knowledgeable and experienced SEOs what service to use for SEO promotion of their online store. (started learning seo).
I was advised a bunch of Key Collector and Serpstat.
But Serpstat has a rather high price tag, and as I understand it, se ranking performs almost the same functions.
Perhaps someone else has other links, I wanted to get an answer like:
1. [application] - you need it for that
2. [service] - you need it for another
I will be grateful for a brief information, what is used for and what we get from it. For example, if someone uses xrumer to post on forums, then write that good directories are needed, etc. so that they don’t get blocked. Something like this.
I am writing here in order to get as much information as possible from various specialists at the start, and whoever reads this question in the future could immediately take out a lot of useful information from people with experience. And at the initial stage, start to the maximum, learning and getting used to these services and programs.
Ps I have an approximate understanding of seo, since I worked both in the studio and as a freelance programmer and read books myself. Now I just decided in a structured and purposeful way.
SEO Tools
Checker Web Mentions
Site Speed
​​Ready Bases
Analysis Services
Programs for Analysis and Promotion

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MarekKubus, 2021-02-02

Hello, as already mentioned above, the promotion of the site is done by oneself, but there are many things that can help or simplify the work. On different projects, I had to use both tools with a wide range of tasks and special tools.
(Service) - Google Search Console - will give basic statistics on traffic and positions, you can monitor page indexing, errors, etc.;
(Service) - Google Analytics - for analytics of anything and everything;
(Service) - Structured Data Testing Tool - for testing the correctness of microdata and how Google sees it
(Service) - Google Page Speed ​​- everything you need to know about site speed;
(Service) - Mobile-Friendly Test - for testing the mobile version;
(Service) - Ahrefs- expensive but useful service. Its main feature is the analysis of everything related to links, you can collect semantics and audit your own site.
(Service) - Serpstat - a bunch of tools partially intersect with arefs. Rarely used, but you can download a demo and decide whether you need it or not,
(Soft) - Netpeak Checker - for mass checking urls;
(Software) - Netpeak Spider - for web scraping and error detection;
(Software) - Screaming Frog - also a site parser + the ability to connect the API of various services;
(Soft) - KeyCollector - for collecting semantics;
(Soft) - SlovoEB - the younger free brother of the program above;
(Browser extension) - Instant Data Scraper - for mass pulling data from web tables;
(Browser extension) - META SEO inspector - gives a short summary of the main page layout data;
(Browser extension) - RDS Bar - data on links and indexing and a bunch of other useful metrics;
(Browser extension) - XPath Helper - helps to extract the necessary things by xpath;
(Browser extension) - Redirect Path - allows you to quickly see the chain of redirects;
(Browser extension) - vidIQ Vision for YouTube - a must-have for working with YouTube.
Also, if you work abroad, it is useful to look for some local services, for example, now I work for the Poles with Fixly.pl and discovered Senuto- a service that helps track positions and compare with competitors. I worked a little under Yandex and Bing, so I can’t especially advise anything specialized.

Greg Plitt, 2018-11-29

To promote an online store as a whole, you can do without services. Here, it is much more important to understand usability (perhaps the main point for IM conversion), internal SEO optimization and a well-tuned advertising campaign in direct.
For the latter, I use the Key Collector - it's great for collecting semantics.
To analyze organic matter, you can also track positions through it.
For promotion, services are not needed, but direct hands and an understanding of Internet marketing are needed.
PS If the online store was inherited (and it usually happens at work), then I would also use the program from Majento_SiteAnalyzer (free), in terms of analyzing the brokenness of links and the availability of the necessary meta - that's it.

Diana, 2020-05-21

Yandex.Webmaster + Google.Search-Console
Yandex.Metrika + Google Analytics
Key Collector - semantics and everything connected with it
AllPositions - for positions, the cheapest service, nothing more
MegaIndex Keys.so - for analysis
JustMagic - for clustering
Mentions in networks - services are quite expensive, for starters, you can track it yourself

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