Lord_Dantes2019-07-07 20:42:29
Lord_Dantes, 2019-07-07 20:42:29

A bunch of User Front-end and ACF, how to make a form correctly?

To make it so that an unregistered user can upload their posts, there will be:
- Title
- Content
- A couple of pictures (up to 5-10 pieces)
- Numeric field
- Select the type of post where you want to upload (out of 4 options)
I found out that with my task, you need to have a bunch of WP User Front-end and ACF. So I read the instructions on how to issue, only a few things do not reach me. How to make the form through the code, not the admin panel.
(through the admin panel everything works, the form is created and the records too)
As I imagine it is possible to select a record (where you need to publish a post), that I will have a form, there will be check boxes, and information will be taken from them and inserted into $ args - ACF functions and there already create posts in the "On approval". I can't figure out how to create this template and attach it somehow. Please tell me a link to an article or where to dig to create a template. Thank you.

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alex steel, 2019-07-08

offsite solution

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