EgorPt2015-01-20 07:09:14
Project management
EgorPt, 2015-01-20 07:09:14

A bunch of project management software for a small team of newbies?

As a beginner, I got a little confused due to the abundance of software.
Please help me to make a good bundle of software
for managing the tasks of the agency.
(or choose one type of software)
Many thanks in advance!
Input data:
1. beginner in management
2. projects: work on the agency itself and projects of customers:
3. management of employees within the project (5-15 people) + hired freelance.
4. in the team of employees there are girls “not geeks”, so ascetic / complex but universal Redmine / Jira will be difficult for them =)
Software features that are needed:
1. free / minimal financial. investments
2. Kanban
2. Gantt charts
3. It is desirable to take into account the time-money for the iteration/project
4. The issue of the bugtracker has not yet arisen
What's confusing:
We're currently using Trello. Then came the Gantt charts.
- turned their attention to planfix.ru / onlyoffice.com / teamer.ru
But it seems somehow confusing: split it into iterations / "gantt" in one software and set tasks in another.
(there is like a bunch of Trello + Redmine = but haven't tried it yet...)
Thinking about:
1. Bitrix24 - seems to be very good, free until 12:00.
2. tpondemand.com - good, but did not find the Russian language, and slow rendering in the browser
3. Megaplan - they write that it is good, but there is some specificity in the terminology ..
4. Wrike - I really liked it! But expensive ( the
gantt chart opens from 50$/month for 5 people) 4.
Worksection is good, but the examples above seem to be better - divide in "trello"

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Puma Thailand, 2015-01-20

Switch to redmine completely, it is a very classic task manager and a lot of things can be tweaked with plugins or added by yourself.

index0h, 2015-01-20

If Redmine is complicated for defaults.... well, I don’t know why you let them near your computer?)))
Generally speaking, Redmine perfectly suits the tasks you have given.
In principle, you can look in the direction of youtrack . If the issue of the bugtracker is still worth it - see gitlab

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