Vasya2018-12-23 12:27:30
Vasya, 2018-12-23 12:27:30

A bunch of mikrotik, microsoft ball and vpn, when connected, does not accept a login password to access the ball, what's wrong?

Good afternoon colleagues.
There is a Mikrotik domain behind it and there is a VPN client.
When you try to connect with vpn to the ball behind Mikrotik, there is a request: login and password,
the correct data is entered, but they are not accepted, I can’t figure it out, I ask you to evaluate and kick in the right direction with a fresh look.
what has been done:
vpn via pptp, proxy-arp on the bridge, all locale is pinged
in the firewall 139 and 445 ports are allowed from vpn users to the bridge
within a radius ppp login service is active
NAP with Mikrotik authorization rule, mikrotik as a client is present

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Maksim Herasim, 2019-02-12

Try specifying domain\login, for example toster\User and password in the next field.

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