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Gokilla, 2018-02-18 03:12:08

A bunch of errors of the same type?

#ifndef DRUM_H
#define DRUM_H
#include "FileReader.h"
#include <time.h>
#define netsupport 0
#define audiosupport 1
#define keyboardsupport 1
class Drum
    int__ GetCountDrum();
    bool__ SetDrums();
    const char__ *GetLines_();
    bool__ *GetLines();
    int__ GetBet();
    float__ GetTotalBet();
    float__ GetWin_(int__ i);
    float__ GetCredits();
    void__ SetBet_(int__ bet_);
    int__ **GetMS();
    float__ *GetRotateAll();
    int__ GetCountTextureOnDrum();
    int__** GetDrumAll();
    float__ GetAcceleration();
    float__ GetSpeed();
    float__ GetTimeStop();
    float__ GetTimeStopBetween();
    void__ ReInitilize();
    void__ SetRoll(bool__ roll,int__ n);
    int__ GetCountin(int__ n);
    int__ GetDrum(int__ NumOfDrum,int__ NumOfTexture);
    void__ SetVectorResult(int__ result,int__ n,int__ m);
    bool__ GetAllRoll();
    void__ SetLines(int__ n,bool__ state);
    void__ SetCredits(float__ credits);
    void__ SetWin_(int__ i,float__ win);
    int__ Get(int__ NumOfDrum);
    void__ Set(int__ angle,int__ NumOfDrum);
    int__ GetMS(int__ n,int__ m);
    int__ GetVectorResult(int__ NumOfPosition,int__ NumOfDrum);
    bool__ GetRoll(int__ n);
    float__ GetRotate(int__ n);
    float__ GetLim(int__ n);
    void__ SetRotate(float__ r,int__ n);
    void__ SetCountin(int__ countin,int__ n);
    bool__ Lucky();
    void__ SetBuffer(char__ *str);
  POINT GetResolution();
  void__ Take();
  void__ Start();
    virtual ~Drum();
    bool__ GetLines(int__ n);
    void__ SetLim(float__ lim,int__ n);
    void__ SetTotalBet(float__ totalbet);
    void__ Ildw(int__ num);
    int__ CountDrum,CountTextureOnDrum,line,bufsize,vectressize;
    float__ CREDITS,WIN,*win_,TOTAL_BET,coefbet;
    float__ min_,max_;
    float__ *Lim;
    int__ *Countin;
    bool__ *Roll;
    float__ *t;
    int__ *RotateDrum;
    int__ **Drum_;
    int__ bet;
    int__ **VectorResult;
    bool__ *lines;
    std::string lines_;
    int__ lengthl;
    int__ **ms;
    char__ *buffer;
    bool__ *cells;
    int__ ildw;
    int__ win5;
    int__ win4;
    int__ win3;
    bool__ ildwenable;

And not all errors but many:
Error 1 error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'GetCountDrum' h:\fukrpckywamchs\nottoch\game2\game\release\research_very_goodzzz\drum.h 12
Error 2 error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int h:\fucrpqyawamchs\nottoch\game2\game\release\research_very_goodzzz\drum.h 12
Error 3 error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int h:\fucrpckywamchs\nottoch\game2\game\release\research_very_goodzzz\drum.h 12

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2 answer(s)
MiiNiPaa, 2018-02-18

In the given errors the compiler complains that the type int__ does not exist. Where did you even get it from? If it exists at all, the double underscore hints that it is a name for internal use.

Michael Litvinenko, 2018-02-18

Try to remove Russian letters from the names in the catalogs. Latin only

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