Deka0072018-06-14 18:55:05
Deka007, 2018-06-14 18:55:05

A bunch of Electron and C#?

Hello. I want to make a beautiful, modern UI design for a desktop application, what is the best way to do it? Use electron.Net or use special frameworks for WinForm? Variants with WPF disappear at once.

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#, 2018-06-14

.. and by the way, yes - what did WPF not please? (in the bloody enterprise, WinForms is not considered a platform at all, moreover - who started with it is considered disabled)
and also - what attracted Electron.NET? (there you have to master js/css/html if someone said that they are together - a birthday cake ... ahem ...)
and an auxiliary question - do you need cross-platform? (then only Electron.NET, more precisely, Electron.NET is possible, but there are many more options .... but if the goal is Windows, forget about
Electron.NET ) and for vpf ... just .. be friends with search engines

Dmitry Bashinsky, 2018-06-14

This is what you need, here on the example of WPF, but for WinForms it will be the same :)
CefSharp see more

LiptonOlolo, 2018-06-14

What's wrong with WPF?

Peter, 2018-06-14

Check out this bike on WinForm. Might inspire you :)

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