yv19952016-06-27 01:01:42
yv1995, 2016-06-27 01:01:42

A bug in the form of a WordPress widget or something else?

1) joxi.ru/LmG5oBxhvW3GAl here in the (empty) form field there is the value black 100% (yes) checked!
2) If this line joxi.ru/YmE9oBEsv5Elm6 is interchanged with another line, then the field will work, and if you put it in the first or last place, then everything is displayed correctly, i.e. in the field the value is black, if put in 2nd place, then another value (yellow) .
3) joxi.ru/J2bDQW7tlzZ7r6 Are there any suggestions that maybe. not this way? Is this a bug or did I screw up somewhere?

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