SteepNET2021-11-05 22:54:00
SteepNET, 2021-11-05 22:54:00

A box with the number of items found next to the checkbox?

Good afternoon!
In the smart filter, a pop-up window with the number of products found appears not where the checkbox is ticked, but above the category, which is inconvenient...
This piece of code is responsible for this

this.position = BX.pos(input, true);
this.form = BX.findParent(input, {'tag':'form'}); 
  if (this.form)
    var values = [];
    values[0] = {name: 'ajax', value: 'y'};
    this.gatherInputsValues(values, BX.findChildren(this.form, {'tag': new RegExp('^(input|select)$', 'i')}, true));

    for (var i = 0; i < values.length; i++)
      this.cacheKey += values[i].name + ':' + values[i].value + '|';

    if (this.cache[this.cacheKey])
      this.curFilterinput = input;
      this.postHandler(this.cache[this.cacheKey], true);
      if (this.sef)
        var set_filter = BX('set_filter');
        set_filter.disabled = true;

      this.curFilterinput = input;
        BX.delegate(this.postHandler, this)

Can someone help fix this and display this box next to the selected checkbox?

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