tue bhy2016-02-29 17:22:08
tue bhy, 2016-02-29 17:22:08

A book on the design and operation of a computer?

There are books on the net, but I want to know what exactly you liked or liked. You can also use a laptop, if there is a difference.
In general, as you understand, I want to understand how it works and learn how to understand it.

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Alexey P, 2016-02-29

Too general question.
Are you interested in iron? may be interested in this or is it
interesting to you how the operating system works? may be interested in this

TyzhSysAdmin, 2016-02-29

It is worth starting with the basics of electronics.

Ravil Shaimardanov, 2016-03-01

here is a good book, handbook for sysadmin and PC repairman

Anton Fedoryan, 2016-03-01

Petzold "Code" -> Tanenbaum -> Harrises Digital circuitry and computer architecture
Well, all sorts of mathematics, physics, electrical engineering... depending on what level of depth is needed.

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