Yaroslav Nikitin2014-05-06 06:42:20
Yaroslav Nikitin, 2014-05-06 06:42:20

A book on solving non-standard problems in C++

What books would you recommend for solving non-standard problems in C++? Or some book related to solving problems in C ++ from simple to complex.

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iley, 2014-05-06

What kind of "non-standard" tasks are you referring to?
If you want to learn how to solve Olympiad problems in programming, then there is no point in looking for a book tied specifically to C ++. Take, for example, "Programming: Theorems and Problems" by A. Shen.
If you want to learn exactly C ++, then take any textbook, for example, Schildt. After that, you can read more books by Meyers and Sutter.

Alexander Tikhonov, 2014-05-07

What would you say if you start right away with Stroustrup? Not suitable for a beginner?

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